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Third Video

The bitch Margaret Comninel breaks truces more than your finger tips through cheap toilet paper while wiping your ass! She is the lowest of the low this video was made before she started stalking my underage child and stealing pictures of her and defacing them on her multiple accounts on Twitter.

Jennifer Conrod’s Promo Vid

Jennifer Ilene Conrod [born March 18, 1983] is a female perpetrator who operates primarily in Canada and South Korea, with further connections to China, Denmark, Russia, the Czech Republic, the United States of America, and Vietnam. She has admitted to committing numerous crimes knowingly and willingly – assault, breach of legal documents, defamation, destruction of …


You should feel right at home here with the roaches per your court records. You stalked my underage child and I will not rest until I see you behind bars bitch!

PURSUIT™ Team Volunteers Needed

Guardian Group’s PURSUIT™ Team is looking for VOLUNTEERS!nnnPURSUIT – People United Responsibly Suppressing Underage Illicit TraffickingnnAre you passionate about seeing domestic sex trafficking stopped?nAre you willing to dedicate your free time to protecting children?nDo you have some level of OSINT skills and are willing to put them towards a good cause?nnYou’re the perfect fit! Now …

This video get me banned on Tiktok

Tiktok is the worst most dangerous app out there for a business. It’s ran by underage kids that can get anything down with one click of a button. It’s community guildlines don’t match their actions. Failed poorly managed social media app.

Federal Credit Union Admin Wants Marijuana Policy Reform, New CBD For Dogs Research Proves It Helps.mp4

A board member and former chairman of the federal National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) is sharply criticizing Congress for failing to reform marijuana laws, and he announced on Thursday that he will be taking steps to push lawmakers to enact policy changes to help financial institutions and stakeholders caught in the federal-state cannabis conundrum.nnNCUA’s Rodney …