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This video get me banned on Tiktok

Tiktok is the worst most dangerous app out there for a business. It’s ran by underage kids that can get anything down with one click of a button. It’s community guildlines don’t match their actions. Failed poorly managed social media app.

Federal Credit Union Admin Wants Marijuana Policy Reform, New CBD For Dogs Research Proves It Helps.mp4

A board member and former chairman of the federal National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) is sharply criticizing Congress for failing to reform marijuana laws, and he announced on Thursday that he will be taking steps to push lawmakers to enact policy changes to help financial institutions and stakeholders caught in the federal-state cannabis conundrum.nnNCUA’s Rodney …

Multiple Accounts

Your multiple accounts have been called out before and yet you continue this ends now you fucking stalked my kid! Bitch you do not realize how pissed you have made me now! You started this shit show when you doxxed my family. Stalked me for 16 months slandered my name and now she is stalking …

Hate is a strong word

However it is appropriate in this situation for me today to say this about my stalker that has harassed and stalked me and my family for 16 months. Now she has went to far and stalked my underage kid.

Outside Hitter | Emma Patard

Emma’s profile: All-Star Collegiate Team (while playing underage) – 2020n- Finalist Jean-Bernard Jouthe – 2020n- MVP Club team – 2017n- Sports Leadership award in – 2016, 2018n- School Team MVP – 2019n- Athlete of the Year – 2017, 2019n- Canadian Championships – 2018n- Canadian Beach Championshipsn- Several appearances in the top 4 in beach …