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Youtuber Slays Some Scary Good Jersey Devil Makeup In South Jersey Pine Barrens –

Youtube, man. There really are some incredibly talented people on there, right?
I was in the middle of falling down a Youtube rabbit hole of Halloween makeup tutorials when I found one that featured a girl that was creating a look based on her own personal interpretation of none other than the Jersey Devil.
Here's a quick recap of the Jersey Devil legend: Mrs. Leeds of Estellville (now Estell Manor) had twelve children and was pregnant with her 13th. As you can imagine, she wasn't looking forward to giving birth for the 13th time, poor lady, so she cursed the child inside her womb. What was born, however, wasn't a child at all. Rather, it was a horse/goat-looking creature with wings that would terrorize South Jersey residents of long ago. People even report mysterious sightings to this day, which no doubt, keep the legend alive.
The Jersey Devil is famous not just to those of us within the South Jersey/Philadelphia region, but all across the country. So much so, that a video of the Youtuber creating the Jersey Devil makeup look amassed almost 2.5 MILLION VIEWS. Wild, right? And for good reason, too.
Not only did the look Glam And Gore created absolutely SLAY, but she applied it while sitting in the middle of the pine barrens in the dead of night. Brave girl.
If you're still looking for an epic Halloween costume/makeup idea, well, you can't get much better than good ole' JD.
After creating the look, the group went out on a hunt for the real creature, itself. WATCH:


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