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“When girls do well, we all do well.” This quote from the White House proclamation for International Day of the Girl reigns true in every area of the world. Girls are vital to economic growth, community development, and so much more. On this day, we are looking at some amazing young girls in the area who are making strides in their industries, sharing their talents, and giving back to the community. And all of them are under 20 years old! Read on to learn more about these leading ladies. 
Founder of Berries by Mya  

MO: My name is Mya Ortiz and I am sixteen years old. I am from Union City, New Jersey and I have a treat business called berriesbymya!
MO: Since I was little, I always loved cooking and baking and it has always been a passion of mine! I will always sell items like bracelets, flower pens, candy, slime, etc. in school and I would get such great joy and happiness from that. I always wanted to have my own small business and it has always been my passion. In 2020 I saw my passion for making treats and making people smile made me happy. So, I spent time and dedication to create berriesbymya and made it happen! During February I decided on all the products that I was going to sell and created my business page on Instagram and Facebook. On March 2 I made my first post and my journey started there. I love working with people and making people happy and that is what I was able to do with my business. I started with a few items on my menu and then it started to expand! I sell treat items like Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Chocolate Covered Bananas, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Chocolate Covered Oreos, Tres Leche Cupcakes, Cakesicles, Churro Cheesecake, and breakable hearts! I am always excited to try new things and give back!
MO: What empowerment means to me is doing what you love without letting anybody stop you from achieving it. In life, you always have to take risks and do what you like and enjoy and not let anybody bring you down and say you cannot do it because everything is possible. You have to have power and control over your decisions and what you decide to do in life. Like starting a business, starting a brand, doing what you love is important, and never letting what people say stop you from your dreams. 
MO: Another woman in my life that I look up to is my mom. My mom has been my biggest support system since the beginning of my business. She has gone with me to buy my very first materials, she was there when I had my first order, to make my very first menu and my first delivery. She has always been there to support my decisions and life choices and I will forever be grateful for her. She has taught me many life lessons in life that I will always take with me and my small business. 
MO: My hope for girls in the future is to do what you love and never give up on your dream. Never take no for an answer or let someone tell you that something is impossible. You guys are capable of doing what you love and are passionate about when you put your passion and mind to it. My hope for girls in the future is to never give up on their dreams but go for them. In life, you will have to take risks, but risks lead to success and achievements. 
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Ice Hockey Player

GG: I am Gabriela Gross, I am fifteen years old and I am from Hoboken, New Jersey. I currently play Tier 1 ice hockey for a travel organization, Ironbound Elite. I was recently selected to the USA national camp in Minnesota.
GG: I was introduced to hockey at the age of three. My father grew up playing hockey and played professionally throughout his adult years.
GG: When I think of empowerment I think of discipline and dedication to my practice. I feel most empowered when I know how many hours, I have spent training and my technique starts to come together and it gets really fun to play.
GG: The women in my life that I look up to the most are my teammates and all the girls I’ve had the privilege of playing against.
GG: I hope that in the future the women’s professional league can continue to grow and provide girls with the same opportunities that are given to male athletes.
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Community Service Leader 

SS: My name is Satya, I’m from Hoboken, and I am 7 years old. Me and my mama work together to do fundraisers for the Hoboken Homeless Shelter, The Food Pantry, and St. Jude.  
SS: I had cancer when I was little and hospitals saved my life so we started helping St. Jude and Hackensack Hospital. We think it’s good to help the Hoboken Homeless Shelter because you need food and water to survive. Some people don’t want to share their money with others but I think that you have to, you have to help because otherwise, people can become really sick. I think helping my community is important because if no one helps their community, the community would not thrive a lot. I like raising money for people so they can have a good amount of stuff that they need.
SS: I think it means that people can have a lot of power, but they have to be good. It means you have the power to help people.  
SS: I look up to my Nani (maternal grandmother) because she raises money for dogs that don’t have families. I also look up to my Mama because she helps a lot of people. I also look up to Emily Jabbour because she ran for City Council and she is running a second time; she is brave and doing it again. 
SS: That they help the community and that they are brave and do whatever they want and not be scared. I also hope that girls invent things that will help the world!
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