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Jennifer Conrod’s Promo Vid

Jennifer Ilene Conrod [born March 18, 1983] is a female perpetrator who operates primarily in Canada and South Korea, with further connections to China, Denmark, Russia, the Czech Republic, the United States of America, and Vietnam. She has admitted to committing numerous crimes knowingly and willingly – assault, breach of legal documents, defamation, destruction of property, false accusations, along with cyber crimes, such as stalking and harassment using more than 60 different aliases to create 170+ email accounts and countless social network profiles. Additionally, she has been caught violating immigration laws, attempting extortion, impersonation of civilians and authorities, fraud, scamming, tampering with evidence and lying to the police. She also threatens and intimidates anyone who might question her or refuses to support her. There are currently over 90 known targets of Conrod, excluding those who are unverified or underage.nnRead more: nn#jenniferconrod #jenniferilene #conrod #jennifer_conrod n#jennifer_ilene_conrod #criminal #scam #fraud #canada

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