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Fans Of Joy-Anna Duggar Speculate That She Is Pregnant Again After Posting Family Photo – The Blast

by Posted on October 11, 2021 at 4:05 pm
Is another Duggar baby on the way? That’s exactly what some fans think after Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth shared a family photo on Instagram on Sunday.
The sweet picture was snapped outdoors in what may have been in the backyard of their home in Arkansas. The family of four are all dressed up in the snapshot and posing together either before or after church.
Joy-Anna’s husband, Austin Forsyth, held onto their son, Gideon, 3. Joy-Anna had Evelyn, 1, in her arms. The baby wore a dark printed dress and cute brown shoes with bows around her ankles. The devoted mom sported a blue knee-length dress and tan sandals.
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When it comes to pregnancies, Duggar fans seem to be pretty sure they can spot a baby bump right away. Or they know the tell-tale signs that one of the family members is with child. With that said, they have been wrong at times. However, many admirers believe that they are right this time.
“I think she is pregnant,” one of them wrote. Another fan spoke up saying, “Maybe it’s the wind blowing the dress… but looks like you’re hiding a bump!”
What has caused a few fans to claim that Joy-Anna is expecting baby number three in this particular family photo? By the way, she is holding her youngest, of course!
It seems that the placement of anything, or anyone, over the belly is a way of hiding a pregnancy in the Duggar world. That may have been true while TLC’s “Counting On” was still airing, but these days may be a little different.
It appears that the Duggars are now free to do what they want. That also means that they are free to share any news that they may have now that they are no longer subject to the rules of reality TV. While the show was still airing, it was said by Derick Dillard that announcements such as courting, engagements, and pregnancies were not allowed to be public until the network, or patriarch Jim Bob Duggar, said so.
So, is Joy-Anna really trying to hide a baby bump now? Other social media users say no. They pointed out that she had recently been playing softball with her husband and that there was no baby bump spotted in the jeans she wore.
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The 23-year-old mom has always been known as the tomboy of the family. She loves the outdoors and is often posting pics of outdoor activities. In addition to playing co-ed softball, Joy-Anna has recently pushed herself to do a sprint triathlon. In September. she took part in the event, which included a 400-meter swim, biking for 13 miles, and a 5K run.
Joy-Anna revealed how hard she worked and she got it done! She has kept up an active routine as well. Since then, she has been working out regularly with her nieces who she said has encouraged her to do things she never thought she could do.
As for a possible third child, or fourth, if you count her previous miscarriage, Joy-Anna may eventually address those rumors soon enough.
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