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English Dub Review: Mother of the Goddess’ Dormitory (Uncensored): “Kiriya Wishes Upon a Christmas” – Bubbleblabber

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Overview: Atena (Christina Kelly) and Koushi (Brittany Karbowski) try to help Kiriya (Katelyn Barr) after her parents present her with a holiday predicament.
Our Take: Just when I thought my hopes were dashed of Koushi ever having even a remote chance of sliding into Kiriya’s DM’s, the series proves me wrong by giving me the catharsis I need in that of a minor going on a date with a 19-year-old college woman. 
Shipping characters together is a definitive part of whatever fandom you enter, even if one is never hinted or instigated. Because of that, they can also drive fans absolutely batty and to the edge of insanity. At least it comes off that way in the comments of anime enthusiast’s Twitter posts. The difference, in this particular situation, is that a potential romance was actually teased between Koushi and Kiriya. However, with Atena constantly on the brain, one couldn’t be blamed to question whether or not there was room for anyone else besides her in Koushi’s life. 
Thankfully, Kiriya and Koushi’s date keeps the potential of that relationship alive. It’s a sweet little romp with a shopping montage and various moments that show how adorkable Kiriya is when coming to terms with feelings that she has never experienced before. It is also pretty comical how the episode’s plot feels as if it breaks the fourth wall somewhat in how it makes a note to keep Atena out of their late night affairs too. It also cleverly addresses her prominence in Koushi’s mind in a narrative-oriented way with Kiriya’s jealousy and questioning of her femininity, compared to Atena’s, that smartly transitions to the continuation of what made their chemistry so appealing in the first place in how Koushi sees Kiriya for more than just the stereotypical image others force upon her. It also faces Kiriya with a similar plight that Atena has undergone in understanding what the true nature of her feelings toward Koushi are in if they are that of a girlfriend or an older sibling.
However, even with all the good will Goddess’ Dormitory has built up by maintaining Kiriya’s representation, I can’t help but think that this could mean nothing in the long run of their chemistry and is just an obstacle in the inevitable course of Atena and Koushi getting together. My favoritism towards the redheaded tomboy is undeniable, especially given how much more down-to-earth her connection is with Koushi. With that being said, if a similarly meaningful bond between Koushi and Atena can be carved out and/or developed in some way, I would gladly welcome it. Hopefully, one that has substance and isn’t purely reduced to them spewing cliché and overly-sentimental dialogue that relates to their roles as a big sister and little brother. Granted, this brotherly bond is prevalent with Kiriya as well but it’s not solely what their relationship has been built upon, nor does it seem to be the whole schtick of her character. But until that has been established, I’ll just keep searching for some official Kiriya merch. 
Gifted with the ability to always watch the next episode, to always the beat the next level, and to always read the next chapter and only requiring coffee and some Persona soundtracks on repeat.
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