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Derry Girls quiz: Which adult character are you from the show? – The Tab

Give me Sister Michael or give me death
We spend a lot of time gassing up the main Derry Girls – Orla’s wild antics, Clare being a gay icon turned basket case, James being a big joke – but the unsung heroes of the series are the adults. Where would we be without Aunt Sarah, slow talking Colm or SISTER MICHAEL? Truly. A world without her is not a world I want to exist in.
It’s time we give the OGs and oldies some clout of their own. That’s right, it’s time to find out which Derry Girls adult you are. Too long have we neglected a Derry Girls quiz with the adults, and now’s their time to shine. We are about to rock the boat, ladies and gents. Awk – take the quiz will ya?
• QUIZ: Which Derry Girl are you?
• This is what the cast of Derry Girls are like in real life
• A Derry Girls movie is in talks according to the show’s creator

And here I was spunking the whole thing on orange VKs
Some get a perfect 100 per cent
If you don’t know the Sweet Melody choreography don’t bother
Libby Mae’s bun has Katylee in a chokehold
At this point, loving teen dramas is part of my personality
It’s not looking good for Alison Hammond
The scene with all the My Little Ponies really happened
I love Don’t Call Me Angel and there’s nothing you can do about it
Not everyone can be Ali x
Yes Bella’s dad in Twilight makes an appearance
Are we surprised she’s a 10/10 model who travels the world?
‘Jesy Nelson is cancelled’
Nicki defended Jesy Nelson and attacked Little Mix amid ‘blackfishing’ claims
This has been keeping me up at night
Squid Game is making itself known in a very impressive hall of fame
Perrie’s dog has also unfollowed Jesy on Instagram
I disagree with number nine
Steve Brookstein isn’t available on Spotify so let’s be thankful for small mercies
Since when was Gigi Goode in a Sam Smith video?
So can I actually go to Fisher Island?


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