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"Can't take my daughter to the zoo!": Jimmy Butler reflects on the downsides of being a Miami Heat player… – The Sportsrush

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Jimmy Butler reminds us how hard life can be for popular celebrities when he broke to us how he can’t take his daughter to the zoo.
If NBA players were ranked on a scale of 1-10 in terms of popularity, Jimmy Butler would be an easy 9. The Texas tomboy is a huge personality and has been playing for some of the league’s most popular teams.
Butler had already represented the cities of Chicago, Minneapolis and Philadelphia when he signed with the Miami Heat. He became an instant hit on South Beach, leading them from the doldrums of 9th place to an NBA Finals finish in 2020.
Jimmy Butler revitalized Miami Heat culture and got the town buzzing with basketball talk once again. But the results of this on his own life haven’t been all positive.
As a perennial All-Star-level player, Butler has been in the spotlight for a good 7 years or so by now. As a 6’7″ handsome, physically intimidating black man, Jimmy would be hard to miss at most places – but especially Miami.
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Well as they say, celebrity is as celebrity does. And Jimmy Butler definitely likes to keep a low profile, and would rather retire from the public eye if it meant a life of tranquil.
The Miami Heat star was recently in conversation with Wall Street Journal about his life and career. One of the topics that come up in conversation was regarding his Big Face Coffe brand – a venture he intends to pursue after retirement.
Butler was also asked questions about his celebrity status and how it’s affected his lifestyle and that of those close to him. He was candid in his answer, noting a few harsh realities:
“I think one of the hardest things about being a celebrity is that you can’t go be a parent from time to time. I hate that I can’t take my daughter to the zoo because everyone wants to talk basketball or take a photo.”
“To my daughter, I’m just her dad, she doesn’t know any different. I hate that I can’t take her to the park because there are kids who are out playing basketball and [they say], “Hey, let’s go play.” I love you kids, but I literally just want to be a dad right now.”
“A lot of times I just try to do a lot of things with her around the house. Or I’ll get on my bike and put her on the back of it, stuff like that. Where it can just be us.”
Can’t wait @JimmyButler 😂☕️
(via @JabariJYoung)
— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) October 1, 2021

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