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15 Pieces From Walmart's Free Assembly Kids Line That I Wish Came in Adult Sizes – POPSUGAR

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Chances are that you’ve already heard the news: Walmart expanded its beloved Free Assembly line to include kids’ clothing in celebration of the exclusive brand’s first anniversary. Spoiler alert: It’s next-level good.
Yup, there are already so many elevated and on-trend basics living on the retailer’s website (without hefty price, tags, of course). When I say that I wish these perfect-for-fall pieces came in adult sizes, I promise you that I’m not kidding.
Per the brand, the collection includes nearly 50 styles in sizes ranging from 5–18. Some of the fun trends you can expect to see across the girls and boys offerings include plaid prints, faux sherpa, athleisure, and timeless color-coordinating sets.
Ahead, I’ve rounded up 15 of the best pieces from the newly launched Free Assembly kids’ section. Keep scrolling to check them all out — and add some of your favorites to your virtual shopping cart.

by Maggie Ryan 6 hours ago
by Victoria Messina 6 hours ago
by Njera Perkins 9 hours ago
by Chanel Vargas 9 hours ago
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